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BUG New Zealand travel guidebook


BUG New Zealand travel guidebook

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Internet access
in New Zealand

It’s easy to get online virtually everywhere you travel in New Zealand, but it is cheaper in the more popular tourist destinations.

Internet cafés

It is easy to find internet cafés in popular tourist destinations like Auckland, Queenstown or Taupo. You can get online cheaply – as little as $3 an hour in bigger cities like Auckland – but in small towns and less touristy areas you may have to use slow and expensive coin-operated terminals.

Many internet cafés, including big chains like Global Gossip, are now fitted with webcams and headsets to make Skype calls and many also let you download photos from your digital camera.

We list internet cafés in the practical information section at the beginning of each destination guide.

Using your own computer

An increasing number of travellers are choosing to travel with their own notebook computer.

Wi-Fi hotspot access

New Zealand isn’t as well set up with wireless hotspots as you would expect and when you do find them they tend to be expensive. However free hotspots are slowly starting to catch on.

Many backpackers use the Global Gossip Connect hotspots that are in many backpackers’ hostels around New Zealand (and in Australia). They’re not cheap but they are an affordable option if you can’t find a free hotspot and you can use any remaining credit at other Global Gossip Connect hotspots.

Zenbu is another nationwide network of affordable Wi-Fi hotspots. Zenbu charge 10c per Mb. Unless you’re downloading lots of bandwidth-hogging video, this works out much cheaper than Wi-Fi services that charge by the hour.

If you’re really desperate to get online and can’t find anywhere to connect you can use the expensive Telecom hotspots at Starbucks and many libraries.

Fortunately free hotspots are starting to catch on, although they are still a bit thin on the ground compared with other countries. Esquires Coffee Houses is one of the only national chains to offer free Wi-Fi access.

BUG lists free Wi-Fi hotspots in the practical information section at the beginning of each destination guide.

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