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BUG New Zealand travel guidebook
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BUG New Zealand travel guidebook

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Egmont National Park

New Zealand’s second national park is centred on Mount Egmont (Taranaki), which towers above the surrounding farmland. The mountain is one of the country’s most striking, maintaining its snow-capped crater year round. Although hiking trails in the national park are popular, treks up the mountain shouldn’t be taken lightly if you are not an experienced mountaineer, as Mount Egmont (Taranaki) is New Zealand’s most dangerous mountain. It has claimed the lives of more than 60 people over the years.

If you don’t feel like climbing to the summit, there are plenty of shorter walks, some of which are only 30 minutes long.

Practical information

Dawson Falls Visitor Centre

Manaia Road, Kaponga
Tel 025 430 248
Open summer 8am-4.30pm daily; winter Wed-Sun 8.30am-4.30pm

North Egmont Visitor Centre

Egmont Road, Inglewood
Tel (06) 756 0990
Open 8am-4.30pm daily

Hostel accommodation

Most people visiting Egmont National Park stay in Egmont Village or drive up from Stratford or New Plymouth

The Camphouse

Egmont Road, RD6, Mt Taranaki, Egmont National Park
Tel (06) 752 2550 or 0800 688 272

No booking fee when you book this hostel online at bug.co.uk

The Missing Leg

State Highway 3, Egmont Village
Tel (06) 752 2570


Egmont National Park has over 140km of hiking trails including multi-day hikes around the mountain and the popular, and often dangerous, one-day climb.

Climbing Mount Egmont/Taranaki

One of the most popular activities in the park involves climbing Mount Egmont/Taranaki, however it is dangerous and over 60 people have died attempting it. The best time to climb is in autumn (Feb-Apr) when there is very little snow on the mountain. The ascent can be done in one day with the return climb taking around eight hours.

There are several routes to the summit with the most popular departing from the North Egmont Visitor Centre.

It is recommended that inexperienced hikers go along with a guide. Ian MacAlpine (tel 027 4417 042) and Taranaki Outdoor Professionals (tel 0800 448433) conduct guided climbs of the mountain.

Around the Mountain Circuit

This popular five-day walk circles the mountain and during summer there is a shorter three-day version at a higher altitude. There are huts located at one-day intervals along the track.

Dawson Falls

The 16.5m high Dawson Falls are a 20-minute walk from the Dawson Falls visitor centre.

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